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Through this work we have come to value:

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Web sites are so deeply embedded into our daily culture that it is impossible to imagine life without them. However, in the last several years, the trend is to build a web application. So, one might ask what is a big difference? Here, at Renet Consulting, we believe that the word "application" had been applied to websites that provided advanced user interactions and capabilities previously available only through installable software.


Web applications have become an essential component of business in today' s world. By using the web applications, businesses can now develop and become simpler, and achieve its objectives much faster. These applications can help target numerous clientele and customers at a time. Organizations are rapidly embracing this aspect of the internet by creating web applications to meet their business demands. Web applications are important for a number of reasons.

We think that a good web application should:

  • be self-contained - your web app should not rely external dependencies to properly function.
  • rich and interactive user interface - such interface improves user experience! We believe a web app should be easy and fun to browse to retain customers' attention.
  • use advanced device capabilities - like geolocation, camera integration, or other technologies.
  • be action-oriented rather than information oriented - no one wants a static and boring web application. Interactive with a user entices the user to stay and explore your web application more.
  • not relying heavily on (or hiding when possible) the browser chrome (back button, reload button, address bar)s.
  • have indexed database to improve search engine optimization.

Whether you already have a website or web application that needs a renovation or need to build from scratch, we can help you develop a unique and polished look that feels professional and function flawlessly. We can help you design and build interactive site that is responsive and optimized for mobile devices. Responsive means the pages load fast and fit perfectly on any screen. Google is rewarding websites that are compatible with mobile devices and your visitors will be happy to use their mobile devices.


No project is too small or too big for us to design and develop.