ProMISe™ (Property Management Internet System) Project

In 2001 Renet Consulting created a custom system for time-share resorts and hotels called ProMISe™( Property Management Internet System). The system was designed to be browser-based, user-friendly, secure, reliable and customizable. It was built on Microsoft ASP.NET framework with the SQL Server as a back-end database.


The main goal of the system was to replace the old DOS-based property management program used by the Rockaway Beach Resort. The ProMISe™ 1.0 was designed as a web-based and browser-based application, which at a time, was a very innovative way for property management applications.


Renet Consulting projected that web-based applications were going to gain the market share since they required virtually no installation and simplified updates and patches. The ProMISe™ 1.0 was built as a web-based application under Microsoft IIS that ran on Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, the most used browser at the time.


ProMISe, a custom software on a cellphone image

The Rockaway Beach Resort was the primary user of the ProMISe™ system. The resort' s staff has been using the system for over 15 years without any major upgrades. Only in 2017, the Rockaway Beach Resort requested the ProMISe™ to be upgraded to the latest technologies.


After some deliberations, a decision was made to convert the ProMISe™ to theSPA ( Single Page Application using the latest Angular framework on the front-end with the Microsoft open-source ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core on the backend; both the front-end and the back-end technologies were tested by Renet Consulting on another project and were judged to be scalable, reliable and faster.


Renet Consulting is currently working on the new design and implementing the project conversion.