ProMISe™ (Property Management Internet System) Project

In 2001 Renet Consulting created a custom system for time-share resorts and hotels called ProMISe™( Property Management Internet System). The system was designed to be browser-based, user-friendly, secure, reliable and customizable. It was built on Microsoft ASP.NET framework with the SQL Server as a back-end database.


The main goal of the system was to replace the old DOS-based property management program used by the Rockaway Beach Resort. The ProMISe™ 1.0 was designed as a web-based and browser-based application, which at a time, was a very innovative way for property management applications.


Renet Consulting projected that web-based applications were going to gain the market share since they required virtually no installation and simplified updates and patches. The ProMISe™ 1.0 was built as a web-based application under Microsoft IIS that ran on Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, the most used browser at the time.


ProMISe, a custom software on a cellphone image

The Rockaway Beach Resort was the primary user of the ProMISe™ system. The resort' s staff has been using the system for over 15 years without any major upgrades. Only in 2017, the Rockaway Beach Resort requested the ProMISe™ to be upgraded to the latest technologies.


After some deliberations, a decision was made to convert the ProMISe™ to theSPA ( Single Page Application using the latest Angular framework on the front-end with the Microsoft open-source ASP.NET Core and Entity Framework Core on the backend; both the front-end and the back-end technologies were tested by Renet Consulting on another project and were judged to be scalable, reliable and faster.