iAmSapien is an example of Angular web application

iAmSapien social media platform

Robert Swanson, the CEO of World Wise People, LLC had an unconventional idea of building a website to provide a user-friendly, yet efficient platform for exchanging, collecting and linking educational and informative articles.

Mr. Swanson learned from experience, from hard knocks, to rely on web developers who understand the business and appreciate quality. Having honest people to rely on is essential to this business conducted on the internet. Mr. Swanson was fortunate to discover honest people early in the process. He got on the right track with a good team and got the job done.

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It was then that Mr. Swanson was referred to Renet Consulting, a custom web application development company, in 2015. Renet Consulting started with understanding the big Why behind Mr. Swanson' s idea. The team knew that if the client could convey the Why, it would be much easier to figure out what technologies to use and to build the architecture behind the web application.


After many meetings, sit-downs and conversations, the decision was made to use a single-page application on AngularJs technology on the front-end, the part of the website that a user can see and interact with.

AngularJs is a very popular choice for web applications due to its benefits:

  • it is open source providing great support from many web developers around the world.
  • it is scalable, it is built on a popular programming language -JavaScript, and it is easily testable.

It was also decided to use Entity Framework Core for the back-end functions, the part of the site that handles data and requests from users, it defines and drives the logic through various functions and stores users' information in the database.


Mr. Swanson had a unique angle on many web app features making their implementation an interesting and, at times, a challenging process.


In the fall of 2016, an improved Angular technology came out (originally named Angular2). It was promising to be more scalable, more modern, faster and what was most important - it was promising to fix the only negative issue its predecessor, AngularJs, had: to optimize web application' s visibility on any search engine. It was done through the use of Universal service; it pre-rendered pages on a server side, allowing optimal and efficient search engine optimization. After long deliberations, a decision was made to move the project on to the newly-released Angular with Universal service on the frontend and on to the newly-released .Net Core for the backend.


Being early adopters of new web technologies is never easy, yet, Renet Consulting finished the conversion in the time allocated. The project continues its journey while Renet Consulting is working on new features.


iAmSapien is an example of Angular web application