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Alex Altotsky image

Alex Altotsky

CTO and Sr. Solution Architect

As a Principal Consultant at the company, my focus is on developing successful relationships with our partners and clients and delivering the best quality software solutions at the minimum cost.

With over 30 years in software and computer industry, a master degree in computer science and applied math, and being Certified Scrum Master, a Product Owner and Solution Architect for over 20 years, I' m producing significant cost savings to every client' s project.

Jamie Samoiloff image

Jamie Samoiloff

Office Manager/ Corporate Bookkeeper

With over 20 years of accounting experience, I support not only our company' s needs, but also several Renet Consulting clients. The approach I use is to accurately prepare books in a way to maximize deductions and eliminate audit penalties.

For the last several years I have significantly increased our client base as they prefer quality and accurate services. Working with a customer, I review their books, assist them in correcting their past mistakes and set up a baseline for future flawless accounting.

Sarah Peterson image

Sarah Peterson

Marketing/Project Manager

As a Marketing/Project Manager, my intention is to provide an enjoyable customer experience. By clearly communicating customer's needs to the team using Jira, Project Tracking Software, the outcome is efficiency and usually results in funds saved.

My past experience with a social media platform allowed me to understand the business and appreciate quality. I have managed groups of people with many different personalities. I am confident in my communication skills and being able to work with any individual on any project. I am detail-oriented, organized and passionate. I am always looking for ways to educate myself and learn from others as a team player. My goal is to hold a standard of service, through what can be lengthy projects, and exceed customer's expectations.

Svetlana Casap image

Svetlana Casap

Project Manager

I am a professional Project Manager, I overlook, manage, and support clients’ projects from initial concept and through production release. My role is to be a simple link between our clients and developers. By using an Agile/Scrum Methodology, I am able to provide clear instructions for developers via scrum stories, which are consistent with client’s requests and desires. The Jira cloud tool enables me to track project progress and ensure that all deliverables are meeting deadlines, and not exceeding customer budget.

My goal is to promote a collaborative team environment and provide a level of service that would exceed our customers’ expectations.

Nika Altotsky image

Nika Altotsky

Project Manager

I originally began my career at Technology StartUps as an Administration and Human Resources Manager. I have helped develop teams and manage both small and large scale projects.

My role is to work with our team and clients and help manage their projects. I aim to provide excellent customer care and the ability to bring clear communication between clients and developers.

Helen Doroshenko image

Helen Doroshenko

Web Designer

Highly seasoned and creative Web Designer with strong work ethic, customer service and satisfaction record. 9+ years of experience in Web/UI/UX, web applications and landing pages. While working on a project I always take into account the specifics and future usability of the site. Adept multitasker capable of bringing simultaneous web page creation and repair projects to completion with full accuracy and efficiency.

Extensive experience with Adobe PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, CSS3, HTML5, Bootstrap and others. As an innovative and evolving web designer I seek out new trends in European and North America designs and latest trends in UI.

Alex Sirant image

Alex Sirant

Web Designer

I am a professional UX/UI designer experienced using software such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure and Figma. I specialize in creating thoughtful and convenient interfaces, developing user experience and improving user interaction with the site, application or program.

My ultimate goal is to create a product that will satisfy the needs of the target audience, help users solve their problem and ultimately provide the best experience possible. I think that design is not only how something looks, but also how it works. In addition, my products maintain a modern and attractive look; they incorporate the right colour accents, and portray a high level of professionalism.

Andrew Medvedev image

Andrew Medvedev

Back-End Developer

I am an experienced back-end developer, specializing in development of websites, applications, and software for enterprises. I work with programming languages such as C# and PHP.

I strive to refine my knowledge in the field of information technology consistently, in order to improve my skills. I perform my tasks efficiently and with quality.

Arie Baratt

Arie Baratt

Sr. Data Science, Machine Learning(ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Consultant

Although I started my career as a physicist, most of the research I conducted as an applied mathematician, mainly in the area of computational biology.

Through my work in academia and industry, I acquired a broad set of skills and expertise. These include modeling of complex dynamical systems, statistical analysis, and methods of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

My broad background allows me to analyze a dataset using both deterministic and statistical approaches which often leads to remarkable breakthroughs and discovery of the hidden patterns.